Kenzina Rose Quartz Crystal Face Roller and Gua Sha 2-in-1

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The Kenzina 100% Genuine Rose Quartz Crystal Face Roller and Gua Sha 2- in-1 is the only one of its kind in Australia!

Kenzina has combined the roller and Gua Sha in one tool to help you perform facial massages with cool and soothing 100% Genuine Rose Quartz Crystal in the comfort of your home.

This beautiful and easy to use roller is a must-have in your skincare routine. 

Performing a massage with the Kenzina roller over facial pressure points will help stimulate collagen and elastin production, promote circulation and release lymphatic blockages to help boost the skin’s natural detoxification process.

Regular usage can help with:

  • Promoting Lymphatic Drainage
  • Reducing Puffiness
  • Increasing Blood Circulation
  • Improving Product Absorption (use over facial oils / masks / creams)
  • Cooling & Calming the Appearance of Your Skin

How to use the Kenzina Rose Quartz Face Roller:

  1. Clean your face
  2. Apply your favourite toner / serum / oil, or put on a face mask or Kenzina Rejuvenating Eye Masks.
  3. Gently but firmly, starting from the neck
  4. move the oval side roller in an outward & upward motion.
  5. From the centre of the face, repeat this motion 3 times on your jawline, lower cheek, cheekbones.
  6. Repeat steps on the other half of the face.
    1. For more lymphatic drainage and anti-puffiness use sharp side of the roller
    2. move the sharp side of the roller in an outward motion.
    3. From the centre of the face, repeat this motion 3 times on your jawline, lower cheek, cheekbones.
    4. Repeat steps on the other half of the face.
      1. To clean, wipe surface with a damp towel & dry afterwards.
      2. Add this as the final step of your day or night-time beauty routine. Treat it as a relaxing facial massage and watch your skin glow!

      Top tip: Use chilled from the fridge to help soothe sensitive skin and relieve puffiness.

      For exceptional results use regularly

      Cleaning the Kenzina Roller

      To thoroughly clean your Kenzina Rose Quarts Crystal Roller, it is best to gently wipe or  wash it after each use to remove any excess oils or serums that build upon the stone over time. Even if you simply wipe down your roller with a soft, damp cloth or towel every night, be sure to still give it a deeper clean about once a week.
      Be sure to never use chemical cleaners or alcohol on the roller either, which can cause damage to the facial roller.

      Storing the Kenzina Roller

      It is especially important to safely store your face roller to help prolong its life and maintain the longevity of the delicate quartz. Your Kenzina Rose Quarts Crystal Roller comes in a special storage bag to help protect it and prevent damage from falls or bumps. Once you have cleaned and dried your facial roller, we recommend storing it in the bag or wrapped in a soft, dry cloth. It is best to store it somewhere it will not easily fall and a spot that is free of excess moisture and heat.

      Your Kenzina Rose Quarts Crystal Roller should be handled with care. Dropping the tool from even a small distance can cause it to crack, break or become damaged. Due to the natural nature of quartz, no two pieces are the same; small imperfections in the stone are part of its natural beauty and testament to its heritage.


      Customer Reviews

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      EXACTLY what I've been missing!

      Cannot tell you how grateful I am for my roller/gua sha. I have rosacea/some redness in my cheeks and puffiness around my eyes. I use this product every second day (or so) and it only takes a minute or two - and I immediately feel the results. My skin feels plumper, more alive and just brimming with energy! The redness/rosacea is dramatically reduced and the tone and colour of my skin, and its condition, is much smoother and even and brighter. I love it and have told all my girlfriends to get one!!!! Thanks Kenzina, kicking goals with this one!!!!

      A must have

      I love my 2 in 1 face roller and gua sha! It is beautiful, lightweight and so easy to use and leaves you feelong so relaxed and beautiful. Thank you Kenzina.

      Love my roller

      I have already tried it last night and this morning. I was so impressed how it plumps my skin 💕

      It was packaged beautifully 🤩