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Welcome to Kind Society

Welcome to Kind Society | Kenzina

They say one door closes and another one opens. I have decided to cease our Kenzina Magazine, and instead introduce you to Kind Society.

Kind Society is a blog about beauty, business tips, social issues, and general lifestyle.

I will invite experts and everyday people to discuss important matters, fashion, beauty and more.


I called it Kind Society because:

  1. This blog is a safe and welcoming place for all of us.
  2. It’s not just another blog – it’s a circle and society of likeminded people
  3. It’s a positive and empowering place, not for competition and judgement
  4. Kenzina is kind to the planet, and I want to write more about making sustainable choices in everyday life
  5. Kind starts with ‘K’ just like Kenzina


As it’s the first article in this blog, let me introduce myself – I am Zarina, the owner and founder of Kenzina. I am an immigrant, a mum of two, a wife, sister, daughter, friend as well as many other hats I am wearing throughout each day.

Kenzina is my maiden name. I wanted to call my business Zarina, but the domain name was taken at that time, and my husband suggested calling it Kenzina. I though it was a good idea of course 😊

   I launched my first product on 2 April 2019 – Kenzina Rejuvenating Eye Masks, and it took me 8 months and 3 rounds of samples to do develop the product.

I am very proud that Kenzina is a sustainable business, and we were the first Australian business who launched eye masks in a container of 30 pairs.

I am proud that we have unique products – our Plumping Lip Masks continued the same concept as our Rejuvenating Eye Masks, but come in a container of 24 sets.

Kenzina combined a face roller and gua sha to create two tools in one. The Kenzina Face Roller & Gua Sha 2-in-1 was the first of its kind to do this in Australia.


It took me 18 months to develop our Kenzina Instant Glow Face Mask which is Australia’s first 100% biodegradable face masks in 100% biodegradable packaging!

And finally, we introduced Kenzina’s hot & cold Face, Eye & Lip Mask which are filled with biodegradable and non-toxic gel, as well as a 100% recyclable outer skin.

Stay tuned to Kind Society as we begin building our regular and interesting content. I’m looking forward to see you back!

Kenzina exists to create professional, Australian-based, ethically made skincare products in sustainable packaging for use in the comfort of your home, salon or sp

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