About Us

My name is Zarina and I’m the founder of Kenzina, a Perth based business. I am here to share my passion, beauty and skin care.

In April 2020, I launched my own Kenzina branded under-eye masks; Kenzina Rejuvenating Eye Mask with Coconut and Peppermint extract for instant hydration, minimising dark circles, reducing puffy eyes and diminishing wrinkles including ‘crows feet’. These eye masks are not manufactured in China, has no toxins or harmful ingredients, uses plant-based formulas and is 100% cruelty free.

Kenzina was born through my pursuit of a premium under-eye patch. I tested and explored many different brands. However, I was unable to locate a product that satisfied my criteria. Kenzina for me is about creating a superior product starting with our under-eye mask.

In mid-2019 began working with a premium skin care products manufacturer. I spent the next five months of intensive testing and trialing with the manufacturer’s research and development laboratory to create a premium custom formula. 

The over-arching Kenzina mantra is that taking care of your skin is not a luxury, it should be an essential part of everyone’s daily life. I want to enhance the natural beauty of your skin with high quality beauty and skin care products.. Kenzina currently also stocks other brands within our store.

However, our long-term plan is to expand the Kenzina-branded range and phase out the other brands we currently stock. Kenzina is a wholly Australian owned business based in Perth, Australia. We ship all over the world!

Join my journey on Instagram @kenzina_skincare

Zarina Weston from Kenzina holding Rejuvenating Eye Masks