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Using Eye Masks

1. For specifically targeting puffy eyes & dark circles wear them with the rounder side of the mask pointing to your nose. Adjust as required closer to or further from your nose until it feels comfortable.

2. To target 'crows feet' wear them with the narrow end of the mask pointing to your nose. You can slide the mask further away from your nose to fully cover those 'crowsfeet'

3. Target forehead wrinkles. Rotate the mask 90 or 180 degrees to maximise coverage

4. Target the under-eye area, we already know this one!

5. Yes, you can moisturise your lips! - be sure to test a little serum on a small patch first though if you have sensitive skin

6. Target wrinkles to the sides of your mouth if you get them.

 **Be sure to only apply eye masks to clean skin**

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